Of all the things you need to know about me, the most paramount are these:
1) I have a terrible memory
2) I’m a bad listener
3) I’m easily distracted
4) My love language  is sarcasm
5) I love a good nonsense list

I just copy/paste that little introduction from my online dating profile. Way to save time and energy, self. It’s all the same info anyway, right?

On Writing:
My biggest obstacle of the moment is figuring out how to create more time. Between my bread-and-butter job, going on adventures and trying to maintain healthy relationships and a healthy self, time has me in a relative chokehold. I have to figure out how to outwit time in order to keep up momentum with writing. In the last year and a half I’ve written and rewritten my first novel, Electrify, the first of four books in a teen series. I’m currently working on the end of the second book, Live Wire, and I plan to find the series a good home with a publishing house in the near future. That is to say if I can stop being a chicken and actually do it.

I do a lot of work between my ears. As I am a woman of a million ideas I sometimes get a little lost inside my head and have to be brought back to reality from time to time. My work space is covered with notebooks, sentences scribbled on random bits of paper and drawings of people and places that I’ve seen but others have yet to. This cluttered space is the physical depiction of what goes on behind my irises. This kind of work space scares some people but it shouldn’t; it’s just imagination after all.

I started writing after I learned how to spell, but I was an inventor of stories long before I could put them to paper, and have been ever since. My best friend and I bonded over this shared passion and sought education to turn this hobby into a career. If post-secondary taught me anything, it’s this: not every audience is my audience. For those of you that don’t appreciate buffoonery,  now would be the time to escape. It’s cool, I get exasperated with my foolishness too.

I know that just saying I have an over-active imagination is a cop-out. However, that is the secret behind my ideas: creative stimulation feeds my inner artist, and she feasts often. My brain is hyper-wired; I dream literally every night and it fuels some strange ideas, such as literally giving birth to one’s inner child. I believe the greatest ideas happen by the jumping-off point of two words: what if…

Sometimes the real world is far too restricting and much too serious; there are moments you just need to get away from it in order to refresh yourself. Get out and try things, get a new perspective. When I became inspired to write Sessions with Fat, I spent the better part of an hour crouched under my desk. I wanted to get a better idea of her point of view from one of her favourite places.

Current Projects:
The series I’m penning, Electrify, has undergone a major evolution; it is not the genre I intended when I began writing a book. I let the story become something that I didn’t expect, but I’m delighted with the result. The entire series has been storyboarded and I’m almost halfway through writing the four-book collection.

This site, Sessions with Fat, is a blog about make-believe therapy from my cat. It stems from another blog I started in September 2011, The Matador and Bull, a blog that creates a caricature of an ex-relationship.
A short stories collection is ongoing and under constant growth. A few of the works are bookmarked to become novels in the future. That to-do list just keeps on growing…

On a more personal note:
I’m a doer and it’s super difficult to sit in front of a computer screen all day at work and then come home to sit in front of another computer screen. I need to move around before tethering myself at my home desk to write stories. A few of my interests are climbing, being outside, doing yoga badly, adrenaline-filled activities like skydiving and bungee jumping, tobogganing,  junk-food picnics, hiking, swimming, puddle jumping (because I live in Vancouver and we need rainy day hobbies), building blanket forts and the occasional run.

I have other interests that require little to no effort on my part. Theatre, browsing art galleries, sarcasm and easy puns, movies, wandering around in the rain, reading, and calorie consumption (read: consumption is not the same as preparation).

Kat’s rules for living a happy life:
1) Stretch
2) Don’t waste energy on things that don’t matter
3)Get outside
4) Always make time to have fun – even if you have to sacrifice sleep to do so
5) Take the time to appreciate a sunrise or sunset

That’s me, more or less. Thanks for reading, come back to visit as often as you like.



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