Here’s my archive of things you should check out. Enjoy.


If you’re looking for another blog to read, spend some time with these ones:

Luggage Tuesdays by Mike Spiegelman
Short and cute humour with hack lists that are happy laugh times.

The Bloggess by Jenny Lawson
This is for all the nonsense lovers of the world. I read these and my chest hurts with laughter…or heartburn, I can’t tell. I should maybe stop eating convenience store burritos when I read this one.

Passive Aggressive Notes
We’ve all seen these kinds of notes and they’re hilarious. Grownups are ridiculous and the proof is in the passive-aggression.


Animal Links:

Fat was actually a rescue from the SPCA. There are too many animals out there in need of love and a good home. If you’re in need of a friendly companion, check out local shelters and give abandoned animals a beautiful life.

If you’re looking for a cat or dog in the Vancouver area or just want to help out a worthy animal cause, get in touch with this society. It’s run by a woman with a big heart and huge compassion for animals.


Other Links that I find relevant:

The Vancouver Public Library has this thing called an Inspiration Pass. Vancouverites can go and get a library card and check out this pass that will get them into various local cultural venues for free for a two-week period. Follow the link below – you’ll save many dollars and get to see some cool stuff (Hooray for cool stuff!). Seriously, do it. And then you can check out books to read. too.

Attention loners and isolated weirdos of the world: If you want to make and keep friends, the answer is easy. Forget having a “good” sense of humour or bonding over shared interests. New friendlies only need one thing: Cupcakes. Bitches love their cupcakes. If Boss can buy friendships with treats, it’ll work for anybody. Boss likes to hit up this place for cupcakes when she’s trying to convince new people that she’s worth hanging out with:

Have you heard of this thing called tree shaping? It is absolutely crazy and beautiful. If I had a green space, copious amounts of dollars and years to wait for results, I would have a Lewis Carrol-inspired backyard. However, if that were to ever happen, there’s no guarantee I could resist the urge to make-believe I was the Queen of Hearts. It’ll be me shouting, “Off with their heads!” anytime a visitor or mailman pops by. Oh god. I’m going to be that neighbour that parents warn their children about.

Lush has this coconut shampoo, Trichomania Shampoo… everyone should own this. Go now and e-shop with your credit dollars (; everybody knows credit dollars aren’t real money, spend away!

Kathryn Hahn is my new favourite person. Her expressions and comedic timing make this woman nothing short of spectacular. I laugh so hard at her preciousness.

I have this tremendous fear of getting to the end of my life and using the phrase, “I should have…” or “I wish I’d…”
I do, and will always, forgo sleep to milk a great moment while it’s happening. I’ve had nights where “two more minutes” stretches into hours. Late nights are the reason coffee was invented.